Critical JudgementCritical Judgement by Michael Palmer

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book had a really strong start, but just failed to live up to it.

I liked that the main character was female. Unfortunately she wasn’t a very believable one. I don’t think that the author gave her a lot of depth, she was just his puppet to walk the reader through his storyline.

The storyline was weak, and while it started off seeming a bit mysterious it soon became so obvious that reading to the end felt redundant. The supposed twists were hinted at so often that one could only conclude that our otherwise intelligent heroine was purposefully ignoring them.

The love story was so dreadfully lame that I wish the author would have left it out altogether. It was unbelievable that it would have even started, it failed to sizzle once begun, and in the end just made her look weak, and him look dirty.

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All in all while I enjoyed portions of the book, I wouldn’t recommend it, and I’ll probably re-gift it anonymously.