Barnyard BullyBarnyard Bully by Donna Taylor

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

“The next day after the horses were put out to pasture, Bucky didn’t even offer to run behind Bud and Smokey. What was the point? Jake and he grazed together, while Bud and Smokey grazed on the other side of the pasture.

“Who does he think he is anyway, Smokey?” Bud muttered under his breath. “We were here first! He just can’t come in and change everything.”

“I feel your pain, man. Look at him over there, grazing in our spot with our friend like he owns the place! What a bully,” Smokey whined.”

This book did nothing for me. It wasn’t especially charming, it was completely predictable, and I don’t feel like the lesson on bullying was really one that kids would relate to and learn from. The new horse Jake isn’t the only bully in the story. The other animals were fairly horrible, who would want to be friends with bossy Bud and his weak-willed goons? The “solution” to the bullying wasn’t one that kids would be able to use either, unless the schoolyard gets attacked by wild dogs. I don’t remember having too many life and death situations in my days at grammar school, unless one took a particularly bad spill off of the monkey bars that is.